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Rose’s Health and home program


Helping young people to give them hope


Supportive services including career and mental health


Productive and feel a part of a community


As decent and caring citizens we can’t continue to allow young adults to be homeless and become victims of sex trafficking. Someone has to take a stand and I have decided that my nonprofit should focus on helping these young people to give them hope and build them up to become responsible and healthy individuals who will be able to contribute positively to society instead of wondering the streets or becoming victims of sex trafficking or ultimately committing crimes, and overcrowding our jails.

My nonprofit will establish small group homes with supportive services including career and mental health counseling which most of these young people need as they transition from childhood into the adult society.



Rose’s Health and home program was created to assist children and young adults who are homeless or living in unsafe environments. Our focus will be providing these populations with a healthy, nurturing and safe place to live.

We realize that throughout the United States as well as countries worldwide, many children and young adults are homeless or living in unhealthy and unsafe condition. Our program will target these populations and help to provide housing, financial, educational, and psychological support to help these individuals to become healthy, confident and productive adults.

We will seek out children who are impoverished, abused, or orphaned due to diseases such as HIV/AIDS or other types of diseases and epidemics, disturbances within their community, or are victims of war or social unrest.

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I was shocked to learn that many teens and young adults in their early twenties in Charlotte, North Carolina were homeless. While there are a few agencies helping these young people with meals and other social services, there are not enough facilities to house all of these unfortunate youth so many of them sleep outside the facilities at nights or on the steps of nearby churches.

Our initial program will target young adults who have aged out of the foster care system in the Charlotte, North Carolina Community. Many of these young adults have no reliable biological family members to support them in making their transition into adulthood. Most children who have aged out of foster care are suddenly separated from their foster parents and frequently become homeless, without responsible family members to rely on and in effect feel alienated from society at large.

Young adults, females in particular who are homeless frequently become victims of sex trafficking so our program will reach out to other agencies

that are presently serving victims of sex trafficking. Some of these agencies are overwhelmed and unable to provide shelter or give meaningful assistance to sex trafficking victims. By reaching out to these agencies we will be able to help them reduce the number of individuals seeking assistance many of whom are turned away.



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