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We are so happy you visited our website today. Welcome to our community.

I am passionate about giving back to the community and I believe the best place to start is home. Everyone deserves a home and a family they can depend on. I have always been disturbed by the large number of people who are homeless and alienated from family and friends. Over the years I have volunteered with agencies who provide services to individuals or homeless.

I have also volunteered for Habitat for Humanity because I recognize the important role they play in keeping families together in a safe and comfortable environment.

Recognizing that young adults aged out of the foster care system are not being adequately served, and are falling between the cracks of society, I have decided that the initial project for our nonprofit should focus on helping these young people mentally and physically to give them hope and build them up to become responsible individuals who will be able and willing to contribute positively to society rather than becoming a burden on society.

I plan to establish a few group homes where these displaced young people will gain a sense of belonging, become productive and feel a part of a community. I believe assisting young adults at this crucial period of their lives will make a great difference in the quality of life for them in the future which ultimately will positively impact our community in Charlotte as well as the entire country.

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